Sunday, August 5, 2012

Harry Potter Classroom Theme

Harry Potter Themed Classroom 2012-2013

This is a view of my back wall. Each board is a different house color. Red - Gryffindor, Blue - Ravenclaw, Yellow - Hufflepuff, Green - Slytherin
The shields were made by former students. Each sign is a quote from the Harry Potter Books.
This is my teacher area. The bulletin board is Platform 9 3/4. The Reading signs cover each Reading Skill written in Harry Potter font.
Reading Center - Pinterest idea for benches. Milk crates connected by tie straps with a cushion top. Student Work will be shown on the "Wand"erful Work board.
6 Traits +1 writing boards. Azkaban time out area. This is the table for my interventionist.
Another View of the back wall.

Computers on the window sill. SOAR is a lists for interventionist groups and is made like a Quidditch field.
Decorated Shelves in Teacher Area. Postions, Hogwarts, Herbology, Honeydukes.
Teacher Desk Area. Cookie sheets are spray painted. Red - Expectations, Blue - Schedule, Purple - I Do, We Do, You Do (TAP), Yellow - Whole Groups CHAMPS, Green - Stations CHAMPS
Common Room Area, where students report each day for lunch cards, supplies, etc.
Helper Chart on the Door "House Elves"
Azkaban Wanted Posters decorate the cabinets.
Hall Passes in the house colors!

Will post more close up pictures in another blog post!


  1. I LOVE it! I am so excited to see someone did this. Did you get any complaints from parents though?

  2. I love this idea! However, talking with colleagues they warn me of a backlash from parents, because of the "witch" association. Have you had any issues?

  3. You did an AMAZING job! I can't wait to decorate my class for next school year!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is awesome. I am doing the same theme in my classroom and you really helped me with some of the areas I was struggling to label!! Thank you and this is amazing.

  5. I wondered the same thing about parents. Did you get any complaints? I am going to do an incentive program using the Harry Potter theme. Thanks for sharing your amazing classroom!

  6. Can you tell me more how you made the milk crate seating?

  7. This is the most beautifully executed classroom theme I have ever seen! I wish I had seen this last year when I was teaching 4th grade!

  8. Wow. This is awesome...the Azkaban timeout center is seriously creative! I love the theme and your sense of humour!